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What makes handmade hair bows from Olilia so special? 


Olilia’s handmade hair bows are unique due to the quality and attention to detail that goes into every aspect of them. Materials of the highest quality are sourced globally and then crafted into hair bows with purpose by a team of local women artisans with decades of experience. The design of each handmade Olilia bow, from the placement of the crystals to the colours of the ribbons, has been thoughtfully chosen so that every bow is timeless and seasonless.


What is the inspiration behind the Olilia collection?


The inspiration behind the collection has always been, owner and designer, Marji’s daughter Olivia. When designing each piece in the collection, Marji asks herself, “would I put this on Olivia?”. This thought process has continued to guide new product design over the years, despite Olivia growing into a young woman, and the Olilia collection has remained a symbol for timeless elegance. 


How do I clean a hair bow?


Grosgrain bows should be cleaned with room temperature water and a gentle soap or detergent. Clean any dirt off the crystals before getting the ribbon wet as you don't want to put any friction on the crystals when the bow is wet.  Gently run your Olilia hair bow under the water and massage the soap into the stain on the ribbon. Make sure to avoid rubbing the crystals on the bow when completing this step. Rinse the soap out of the bow and gently pat it dry with a towel. Lay the bow flat to dry completely overnight. Olilia’s grosgrain bows can get wet without losing their shape or their crystals, which makes them the perfect vacation accessory. 


How do I preserve and store a hair bow?


The best way to preserve the lifespan of your Olilia hair bows is to properly store them. The best way to store hair bows is to clip them onto a strip of ribbon and hang the ribbon on the back of a door. This technique will maintain the integrity and shape of the hair bow for years to come. 


How do I travel with hair bows?


When travelling with hair bows, the first thing to do is determine how many bows you are packing. Next, find a box where you can arrange the bows upright with a snug fit. If the fit isn’t snug, place tissue paper or a lightweight scarf around the edge to avoid movement while travelling.


How do I wear the different types of Olilia bows?


The best way to wear Olilia bows is any way your little one desires. Olilia bows were designed to be an expression of your daughter’s individual style and to be worn any way they please. 


What are the best pigtail bows?


All Olilia bows work for pigtail bows. Please note, if your favourite style requires a choice between right and left sided clips, please select one of each. This will ensure you have one for each side and the tails will hang in the right direction. 


Where can I find styling inspiration for my Olilia bow? 


The best place to find styling inspiration for your hair bows is on the Olilia Instagram account. Other accounts to follow for bow styling inspiration are @allthingsvictoria, @vitamusiyevich, and @lid.mar. Make sure to follow @oliliadesigns on Instagram and like us on Facebook to never miss an update or styling tip.

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